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1. General Personnel Department

Functions: Organize the formulation and revision of various rules and regulations; coordination, inspection and supervision of various planning tasks; establishment and management of personnel, talents, education and training, compensation and benefits, performance appraisal system; management of propaganda, archives, reception and conferences; security and logistics management; external liaison and coordination, confidentiality, contact with CAS system and the sub-centers of Changzhou Center, CAS.

Contact: Xu Feng  

E-mail: xufeng@arist.ac.cn 

2. Scientific Research Planning Division

Functions: scientific research projects and planning management; organization of new product development projects, evaluation and identification; management of quality system establishment, organization, implementation and assessment; management of technology conferences, academic exchanges, foreign cooperation, foreign affairs and intellectual property; being responsible for the work of Jiangsu Intelligent Device Industrial Technology Innovation Center.

Contact: Ju Feng  

E-mail: jufeng@arist.ac.cn

3. Sci-tech Public Service Platform Division

Functions: resources financing and procurement of public service platform; platform construction, coordination, operation, maintenance and management; internal and external share services of scientific research equipment and public facilities; application and management of laboratory qualification (CMA & CNAS, etc.) .

Contact: Wang Pingling  

E-mail: wangpingling@arist.ac.cn

4. Industry Management Division

Functions: management of industrial planning, cooperation, industrialization projects; organization and management of industrial alliances and aassociation; introduction, organization and implementation of horizontal projects.

Contact: Wang Liyong  

E-mail: wangliyong@arist.ac.cn

5. Product Development Department

Function: coordination and management during the process of new product development; introduction, organization and implementation of horizontal projects.

Contact: Zhu Shigui  

E-mail:  zhushigui@arist.ac.cn 

6. Asset Financial Department

Functions: implementation and management of financial accounting work; fixed asset management; project fund management; financial supervision and management of foreign investment and shareholding companies.

Contact: Sun Hongjuan  

E-mail: sunhongjuan@arist.ac.cn

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