Changzhou Research & Development Center of Genetic Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences (South)
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Changzhou Research & Development Center of Genetic Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences (South) was jointly established by Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS, Changzhou Municipal People’s Government and Changzhou National High-tech Industrial Development Zone in October 2014. Relying on Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology’s technical backstop, the center will be built in 2 phases with a total investment of about 2 billion yuan.

According to economic characteristics and the market demand of Yangtze river delta region, in order to promote regional agriculture structure adjustment, industrial upgrading, tissue engineering repair and regeneration treatment, the center explores innovative sci-tech industrialization mode and forms modern sci-tech industry incubation center integrating technology R&D, standards setting, system establishing and new product demonstration, etc. The R&D center will also serve as the strong support for the two pilot special projects of CAS and the Institute of Seed Innovation, and provide a high-quality landing and transformation base for innovative achievements. When completed, it will become a domestic first-class molecular breeding R&D center and a national designated food safety testing and certification center.

The R&D center will gather two major bases and five platforms, which are modern agricultural bases and regenerative medicine bases. The five platforms include Shennong large-scale scientific facility platform, clinical stem cell bank platform, advanced model animal platform, seed bank platform and education & training platform.


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