Recruitment conditions
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 Job requirements

Working and living conditions








Academic Leader


1. Foreign applicants should hold high-level university associate professors and above or other corresponding positions; domestic candidates should be professors or own the corresponding positions of the "985"Project universities, also can be research fellows with the level of academic leaders from institutes of CAS for more than 3 years;

2. Generally under the age of 45, this can be extended for the exceptional candidates.

3. Working full time is required.


1. Talents are able to form academic teams by themselves or are equipped with the appropriate scientific researchers by the institute.

2. Providing sufficient funding for scientific research, competitive salary and settlement fees ;

3. Actively helping to solve the spouses’ work, if they meet the requirements of the institute’s wholly-owned company. They will be preferred under the same conditions. During the term of appointment, if the spouse resides abroad, the international travel expenses for visiting relativeswill be provided once a year.

4. Helping to Solve the children’s problems of admission to local school.

5. Those Talents’ treatment will be agreed separately (“Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, “Distinguished Young Scholars”, “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”, “Hundred Talents Program” and Changzhou Talents Plan).





Project Incharger/

Core Scientific Researcher

1. The talents should have published many significant articles in this research field and are involved in a number of key research projects and do some parts of them independently. A position of post doctoral fellow or other equivalent work experience for more than 2 years are required (associate research fellow should has the potential to become the core academic leader)

2. Normally under the age of 40

3. Working full time is required.

1. Competitive salary

2. Settlement fees









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