Recruitment conditions (R&D Center of Metal 3D Printing Technology)
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Job description

Job requirements








Mechanical and Electrical Engineer

1. Be responsible for the overall solution design and key component selection of electromechanical related automation control equipment;

2. Be responsible for the development and debugging of automation control, linkage equipment control program and Labview program;

3. Be responsible for the overall structure design of the embedded controller, hardware and software solution design and core code development;

4. Be responsible for the detailed hardware and software design and integration debugging of the embedded controller;

5. Presiding over the design and programming of laser additive manufacturing, marking and cutting equipment control systems;

6. Write the automation equipment development plan, design instructions and other related documents according to the specifications.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering and automation, mechanical and electrical integration;

2. More than three years experience in the development of automation control systems, presided over the overall design of the automation control system, software and hardware development and debugging;

3. Be proficient in PLC principle and the mainstream PLCs such as Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi, etc. Be good at PLC design softwares such as STEP-7, WinCC, AutoCAD or EPLAN;

4. Be good at programming languages such as Labview, C++, and the development process of embedded system software ;

5. Be familiar with serial bus protocol such as SPI, I2C, UART, industrial bus and transmission protocol such as RS232, RS485/422, TCP/IP, CAN, PROFIBUS;

6. Be good at communication, diligence, and teamwork.




Optical Engineer




1. Bachelor degree or above, major in laser, optics, physics, etc.;

2. Having 2 years experience of application research or production on 3D printing, cladding, laser cutting, marking, etc.;

3. Be capable of independently implementing 3D printing optical path design or optical device integrated.









Mechanical Engineer

1. Be capable of independently undertaking the design of laser processing system including laser 3D printing, marking and cutting equipment;

2. Be responsible for the assembly and debugging of the prototype to solve the main mechanical problems of the equipment;

3. Be responsible for the entire process of project, design, production and after-sales technical services of the laser equipment project;

4. Be responsible for the BOM list, drawings, instructions, and modify the drawings to confirm and organize the archives.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical engineering, mechatronics or similar professional background;

2. Have 3 years or more experience in laser processing equipment or other CNC machining center design, integration and process development and application;

3. With rich experience in structural design, transmission design and modeling design, familiar with motor selection, pneumatic system application and hydraulic system application;

4. Familiar with sheet metal, car, grinding, milling, welding, various surface treatment processes, understanding casting, injection molding, stamping process;

5. Proficiency in mechanical design software and Office software applications such as AutoCad, Solidworks, UG;

6. Good at communication, diligence, and teamwork.


Metal Materials Engineer




1. Bachelor degree or above, professional personnel with solid theoretical knowledge of metal materials or engineering ceramic materials in the field of metal alloy materials;

2. Having 3 years experience of R&D or production of laser metal cladding and 3D printing.

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