Integration of Changzhou Center, CAS and ARIST
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On the afternoon of May 2, 2018, The new council meeting of the Changzhou Research & Industrialization Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technology, CAS and the Institute of Applied Research on Intelligent Science & Technology, Jiangsu and CAS was held in Changzhou Science & Education Town. The meeting deliberated and approved the integration plan, the constitution of the council and the list of members of the new leadership.


In November 2006, the Changzhou Center, CAS was established in the Changhzou Science & Education Town. In October 2013, the first provincial scientific research institution in Changzhou was co-constructed by Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government,  implementing an operation mode of "one institution with two brands", ARIST & Changzhou Center, CAS use president responsibility system under the leadership of the Council, and adopt a mechanism of multi-input, resources openness, personnel turnover and achievement motivation.


Up to now, the Changzhou Center, CAS has introduced more than 30 institutes of CAS to set up branches or carry out project cooperation with enterprises in Changzhou. It has established 16 sub-centers, 42 professional laboratories, and built 47 joint R&D centers with enterprises. More than 70 high-tech companies have been incubated with a total registered investment exceeding 500 million yuan. It has also undertaken nearly 1,000 industry-university-research cooperation projects with the contract funding more than 750 million yuan.


At the meeting, Yang Guishan, president of Nanjing Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Xu Guanghui, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda, and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Science & Education Town, were elected as the chairman of the new council. Dai Ning, deputy director of the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was elected as the director of the Changzhou Center,CAS and the president of ARIST.

After deliberation and decision by the council, the Changzhou Center, CAS and ARIST will integrate to solve the bottleneck of industrialization development, and do their best to realize the collaborative innovation.

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