ARIST Held the Inaugural Meeting of the Technical Committee and the First Technical Committee Meeting
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On October 31, 2018, ARIST held the inaugural meeting of the Technical Committee and the first technical committee meeting in Report Hall.

Wang Rongchuan, Vice President presided over the meeting. The Technical Committee of the Institute has a total of 1 director, 2 deputy directors and 13 committee members. At the meeting, Xue Yongqi, cademician of Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, CAS was appointed as the director. Liu Wenqing, academician of Hefei Institute of Physical Science, CAS was appointed as the deputy director. Kuang Dingbo, cademician of Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, CAS and other 12 people were hired as committee members. The technical committee secretariat is located at the Sci-tech Public Service Platform Division of ARIST.

Xue Yongqi presided over the first working meeting of the technical committee. Dai Ning, president of ARIST reported the development plan of the institute and submitted to the experts of the technical committee for deliberation. After full discussion, the experts agreed that the development plan which is based in Changzhou, serving Jiangsu and the Yangtze River Delta, radiating the whole country is in line with the requirements of Jiangsu Province to cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries. It is in line with the "three-oriented" requirements, facing the global frontier sci-tech , the country major needs and the main battlefield of the national economy. At the same time, it is recommended that ARIST should strengthen interdisciplines construction, improve building capacity of the platform, focus on specific applications and play a leading role to build an important base for technological innovation and system integration in Jiangsu Province in the field of sci-tech and intelligent equipment manufacturing.

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