The Project “4000T-Y Hot Die Forging Robot Automatic Load/Unload System” Successfully Passed the Enterprise Acceptance
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On July 3, the project “4000T-Y Hot Die Forging Robot Automatic Load/Unload System” which was undertaken by Changzhou Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology passed the inspection and acceptance at the site of the Forging Department of Wanxiang Qianchao Transmission Shaft Co., Ltd. 

After more than 4 weeks of testing and operation, the system has accumulated more than 10,000 products and the products met all the production process requirements signed by the agreement. The enterprise acceptance team finally firmly believed that the performance indicators and usage functions of the system were in line with the content agreed in the technical agreement signed by both parties, and then it passed the acceptance.

Facing the common difficulties of the automation transformation in the forging industry such as the bad environment is harsh, the variety of products, the large size and different shape  before and after molding, etc., after the automatic loading/unloading reforming of MP2-4000T four-station hot forging press for China First Heavy Industries(CFHI), the loading system has successfully solved the enterpriese’s problems of difficult and unsafe feeding of hot forging barstocks for many years, and improved the positioning accuracy of the workpiece. The system is easy to operate and the mechanical structure is stable and practical. According to the actual production situation, 8 sets of process formulas designed can realize automatic feeding of more than 200 kinds of barstocks. The semi-automatic production of multi-variety and small-scale man-machine cooperation has aalso been realized, and the leaders of Wanxiang Group have attached great importance to it.

Founded in 1969, Wanxiang Group has been selected by the State Council of China into the group of the 120 Pilot Enterprises, also it is the only auto components manufacturing company among the 520 National Key Enterprises. Been honored as ‘The Evergreen Company’, Wanxiang Group is believed as a pioneer in the internationalization process of Chinese enterprises, and one of the 16 most competitive Chinese enterprises in the global market. Within China, the Group has 6 square kilometers manufacturing facilities in China, and established stable cooperation business relationships with China First Automotive Works Group, DongFeng Automobile Corporation, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, and Guangzhou Automobile Group, etc. The main products now enjoy greater than 65% market share in the relevant industry. Internationally, Wanxiang Group owns as many as 30 overseas subsidiaries, more than 40 factories and over 16,000 employees in the United States, the Great Britain, German and other 10 countries. Established supporting partnerships with the mainstream automotive manufacturers such like, GM, Volkswagen, Ford, Chrysler, and so forth, Wanxiang Group’s main products has 12% of the market share in the international markets. 


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