ARIST and Huai'an District of Huai'an City promoted the construction of “Kechuang Corridor”
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On June 28, the ”Kechuang Corridor” intelligent manufacturing seminar of Huai'an District, co-sponsored by Huai'an District People's Government and ARIST was held. Huang Peijiang, deputy head of Huai'an District, Dai Ning, president of ARIST, Liu Congfeng, vice-president of ARIST, Yu Dongsheng, former general manager of SWS MU Fund Management Co.,Ltd, representatives of listed companies such as Tongding Internet, Shanxi Jinye, Hainengda, Taihao Technology joined this meeting. More than 40 representatives from the financial investment institutes, R&D institute and other enterprises also joined it. They are respectively from Founder Securities, Essence Securities, Zhongke Pengkai, Nanjing Laser Micro-Nano Manufacturing Technology Institute, etc.


The conference focused on the profound impact of intelligent manufacturing about the industrial structure and labor division, and conducted discussions on how to promote the formation of new production methods, industrial forms and business models. Many industry experts put forward  development ideas and suggestions for accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing and promoting the related technologies and industries in the fields of 5G, automotive, integrated circuits, and smart health care.


Dai Ning pointed out that the combination of technology and industry, technology and finance is an important means to promote the sci-tech achievements industrialization and to promote the upgrading and development of intelligent manufacturing technology industry. ARIST will play the role of provincial-level R&D platform and serve the regional socio-economic development with industry and financial capital, combining the industrial technology needs of Huai'an.


At the meeting, a strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed by ARIST and Huai'an Hongxin State-owned Assets Investment Management Company. 


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