Guests from Global IoV Solutions Visit ARIST
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On the afternoon of July 10, Zhang Yong, chairman of Global IoV Solutions and Paulo Duarte, CEO of Global IoV Solutions came to visit ARIST. President Dai Ning, executive vice president Ma Xin, vice president Liu Congfeng and heads of relevant departments attended the reception.

At the meeting, both sides introduced their respective basic information and carried out in-depth discussion on IoT, IoV, intelligent health and other technical fields. Global IoV Solutions and ARIST agreed to establish a close two-way partnership, focused on Brazilian market, and jointly created a platform for product and technology transformation. On the one hand, the advanced technologies of ARIST will be actively transformed overseas; on the other hand, Brazilian advanced technologies will also be vigorously introduced to China.

Global IoV Solutions is a high-tech company registered in Delaware, United States, dedicated to developing and operating IoT (Internet of things) and IoV (Internet of Vehicles) solutions and EV charging station systems in North America, Latin America and other international markets. With 22 years of vehicle business experience, it is building a global corporate marketing network.


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