Research & Development Center of Autonomous Control Robot Technology
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The R&D Center of Autonomous Control Robot Technology mainly takes typical intelligent control equipment as the direction, and cooperates with Japanese and domestic enterprises to carry out R&D and industrialization of key technologies and functions of robots. Typical intelligent equipment at the early stage of the center include UAV flight control system, UAV control system, plant protection aircraft, new type aircraft, intelligent mechanical arm, etc.  

Current R&D direction: UAV navigation and path planning based on 3d lidar/vision, UAV power patrol inspection system based on lidar, UAV autonomous landing system based on deep learning, state estimation and multi-sensor fusion, etc. UAV flight control system and plant protection aircraft have entered industrialization stage.

R&D Team


Professor Nonami Kenzo

Honorary consultant of R&D center: Nonami Kenzo, a world-renowned expert in mechanical control and robotics, a special professor at Chiba University in Japan, the president of Japanese Association of Multi-rotor UAV, the director of Japanese Institute of Automatic Control System, he is mainly engaged in robot and automatic control research, specially the deep and wide research of robotic intelligence.



Professor Wang Wei

Deputy director of R&D center: Wang Wei graduated from Chiba University of Japan in 2009 with a doctor’s degree. In the same year, he joined the Research Institute of Chiba University as a assistant professor, and was engaged in instruction and research of small-sized UAV control.

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