Research & Development Center of Intelligent Sensor
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The R&D Center of Intelligent Sensor focuses on the manufacturing and application of high-end sensors, develops  the R&D design, application and industrialization of sensor in the fields indoor navigation, robot control, UAV navigation, and intelligent hardware. Typical applications at early stage of the center include high precision magnetic sensor, intelligent parking system, indoor positioning module, etc.

The R&D Center can effectively promote the development and application of high-precision sensor technology, generate agglomeration effect, attract more sensor R&D talents at home and abroad, and elevate the technology level of surrounding enterprises and research institutions. By providing the core technologies including sensor chips, algorithms, signal processing and application knowledge, combining with Changzhou's intelligent equipment and robot industry, integrating high-quality intelligent sensor resources in Yangtze river delta, China and even the world, the R&D Center strives to incubate internationally competitive leading enterprises in industrial sensor industry of China in terms of technological innovation capacity and production scale.

R&D Team


Professor Wang Hong

Director of R&D Center: Wan Hong, a world-class expert on magnetic sensors and MEMS motion sensors, adjunct professor of Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, CAS, chairman and General Manager of VTRAN. She has worked in Honeywell UAS for 16 years and has many years of experience in product development, manufacturing, sales and application in the fields such as aerospace, automotive, smart city transportation and consumer electronics, etc.

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