Research & Development Center of Machine Vision
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The R&D Center of Machine Vision focuses on the development and application of optoelectronic imaging and machine vision technology in the fields such as VR+AR applications, commercial aerospace and medical rehabilitation, etc. Taking achievement transformation as the core task, it carries out technology R&D and industrialization, striving to build a major scientific research and civil-military integration demonstration center in Jiangsu Province and even in a larger region.

Main achievements:

1. Combining VR with education and training, an industrial virtual assembly system developed integrating training, teaching, assessment and evaluation to serce the industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing fields;

2. Combining VR with space technology to develop space VR panoramic camera and virtual space experience pavilion for commercial aerospace, science popularization and education;

3. Combining VR with rehabilitation training, a brain-computer interface rehabilitation training system based on virtual reality is developed for rehabilitation exercise assistance for the elderly and disabled people, and to serve the fields of medical rehabilitation and the elderly care.

4. The combination of machine vision and commercial aerospace, the SVC-EYE commercial remote sensing camera series are developed to serve the National Belt and Road Strategy Plan and Digital Earth remote sensing applications and other fields.

R&D Team


Professor Rao Peng

Director of R&D Center: Rao Peng, CPC member, academic committee member and deputy director of 3rd Engineering Department of Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, expert of the National Science and Technology Experts of the Ministry of Science and Technology, member of the Visual Sensing Professional Committee of China Society of Image and Graphics, senior Member of China Aerospace Association, IEEE member, member of China Computer Association, and Adjunct Professor of School of Information Science and Engineering, Changzhou University. He is mainly engaged in research of machine vision, virtual reality related fields, and has obtained a lot of achievements.

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