Research & Development Center of Metal 3D Printing Technology
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The center has developed the large-scale laser 3D printing equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and popularized the application of 3D printing in aerospace, ships, automobiles, molds and medical fields. Building a 3D printing technology training, technical exchange and engineering application platform integrating education, training, R&D, product design and production services, it dedicated to constructing an influential laser metal 3D printing laboratory.

R&D Team


Professor Peng Zhixue

Director of R&D Center: Peng Zhixue , internationally renowned expert of laser application field, has been engaged in pioneering manufacturing technology research and development for 24 years in many large multinational companies in the USA, including 14 years in GE serving as senior research fellow at Global R&D Center (New York), first director of Global Industrial 3D Printing Lab and the director of Manufacturing and Materials Technology Development. He has got the world's top achievements in the application of 3D printing of important components of aero-engine, gas turbine and advanced medical CT. From 2013-2015, he led the GE team to successfully complete the major international cooperation project "metal 3D printing engineering machine" of Shanghai.

He has served as an international advisory board member of Laser and Optoelectronic Applications of the American Laser Research Institute for many times, and often presided over the International Laser Technology Application Conference, made keynote reports at International Laser Technology Application Conference in Europe and America for many times. He has also served as the magazine evaluation committee member for J. Laser Applications(US) and Materials Research (Japan).

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