Lower limb exoskeleton robot for the elderly and the disabled
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In view of the demand for rehabilitation equipment and advanced technology of lower limb dyskinesia patients and old people, and to carry out the research of common technology of highly limber and intelligent wearable lower limb exoskeleton robot for the elderly and disabled, Changzhou Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology develops lower limb exoskeleton robot for the elderly and disabled. The robot prototype is developed for two types of patients: patients with stroke and patient with spinal injury, it can realize typical movements such as walking on flat ground, ascending and descending the stairs, balanced stepping, stepping over obstacles.

The second-generation robot prototype has been developed. Compared with the first generation, the natural human gait and artificial intelligence algorithm are adopted to greatly improve the walking efficiency and human body intention recognition ability. The robot is used in rehabilitation training to help the elderly and the disabled. It will completely solve the problem of self-care for more than one million lower limb paralysis and stroke patients in China, improving the living standards of disabled families and ensuring social stability.


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