Remote fire warning system
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The remote fire warning system which is designed and developed for the State Grid Corporation of China is used in forest remote fire warning. The system is based on non-contact Infrared scanning thermometry principle. With solar & wind energy, it integrates infrared optics, image processing, precision mechanism and uses infrared detector to realize signal acquisition, amplification, processing and mapping of infrared radiation signal in fire and to send real-time fire point location information to monitoring center through GPRS to make sure the fire will be found in time and measures will be taken in time to put out the fire in budding stage.

Providing all-weather, stable and reliable fire warning under different geographical and climatic conditions, the system is of high integration, stability, reliability, low cost, and networking. It can provide effective solutions for new type fire warning & protection system, and be widely used in forests, grasslands, pastures and other vast areas with low personnel density. The system has the characteristics of high reliability, 24 hours on duty and timely early warning.


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