Intelligent high-speed rail contact network arm pre-equipped center
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This project is designed and developed for China Railway Electrification Engineering Group. Mainly positioned in the arm preassembly process of contact network construction for 350Km/h high-speed railway line, it can also quickly adapt to the contact network for 250Km/h high-speed line and urban rail line.

The system has the functions of automatic feeding, fixed-length cutting, automatic drilling positioning hole, marking and spraying code, polishing and deburring, automatic feeding assembly of bearing cable seat, automatic feeding assembly of thimble seat, automatic feeding assembly of horn cleat and automatic feeding assembly of arm, etc. It is of high intelligence, automation level, high assembly precision, safety, stability, reliability and can reduce labor intensity. In addition, it can set up a database, with the function of process data import & export, flexible assembly, automatic bar code spraying, automatic screw twisting and automatic control of torque, etc.

The upper computer software can directly use the nesting data of the institute, or automatically select the optimization algorithm for nesting to reduce material waste. It can calculate the process flow for data of any arm, assign assembly action and sequence to the lower computer for execution, which is flexible, changeable and adaptable to the assembly of flat arm and inclined arm at any length. With functions of remote real-time monitoring and development of panoramic 3D simulation animation, the center can realize the visualization of arm assembly motion and process simulation verification.

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