Real-time high-speed vision tracking correction system
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Real-time high-speed vision tracking correction system is a kind of system with basic function of deviation rectification based on accurate tracing and supplementary functions of edge defect detection, speed monitoring, image recognition and offline control. It can realize edge detection and edge orientation, and finally use the control algorithm to implement deviation rectification. The system can solve the problem that the coiled material produced by enterprise is easily deviated in coating, printing or other coiling process, or that existing deviation rectification system is not very effective, so as to meet the actual demand of enterprise, and replace imported deviation rectification system to reduce input cost of enterprise.

The visual detection and correction system adopts embedded ARM processor and high-speed CMOS image sensor to collect real-time image of industrial coated strip edges, and uses the visual library to process real-time image processing of the acquired edge image to realize edge recognition and edge positioning. Finally, control algorithm is used to implement control correction.

Without manual operation, the system can be widely applied to the deviation of long-sized continuous materials such as paper, film, sheet, cloth during the processing of the coil material, and greatly improves production efficiency.


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