Intelligent multi-axis control system
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Through optimization compensation and multi-axis synchronous drive technology based on the coordinated control, data acquisition module with strong on-site adaptability, intelligent fault diagnosis and other the key technologies, the system solves the contradiction between frequently changing requirements and closed control system, so as to establish a unified, reconfigurable platform and strengthen the flexibility of numerical control system.

The system is built on an open platform, with a modular organizational structure, allowing users to select, integrate, change or expand the system's functions as needed to quickly adapt to different application requirements. At the same time, functional modules of the system can be compatible with each other even if they come from different suppliers. The platform adopts embedded real-time operating system, which can reduce physical volume of the overall control system and facilitate installation. Meanwhile, the system adopts modular design, the communication between modules is based on digital bus, which is easy for expansion and network operation. The design of the system is conducive to secondary development and supports a variety of touch screens. By providing the device driver interface, it is convenient for users to design functional interface with high-level programming language. The system integrates wired and wireless Internet of things technologies to achieve remote equipment control and low-cost cluster control.

At present, on the basis of the system platform, making full use of the modular recombination characteristics of the system and the secondary development characteristics of the software, the institute has applied the system in different fields such as industrial sewing machine, rubber spraying and dispensing production line, nut machine, welding machine and so on, and has received good achievements. Among them, the embedded small four-axis open numerical control system, which is used in the small electronic pattern machine and intelligent glue spraying machine, has been recognized as a high-tech product in Changzhou and Jiangsu province.


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